Irish Wishing Rocks GameAt ZiggityZoom we love to play family games.  In fact, we like to play so much that we even invent our own games from time to time.  Our newest game that the whole family can play is called the Irish Wishing Rocks game that was created by our creative director.

The concept of play is simple yet fun and the game can be made quickly.  The whole family can help to make the game and then also play.  You only need 12 small, smooth stones about the same size or you can make them out of  craft clay, such as Sculpey, that you bake in the oven for a few minutes.  If you don’t want to use stones, you can substitute 12 plastic discs or make them out of cardboard.  The important thing is to have 12 small obects, all the same, that can be marked on one side with marker or stick on letters.

The object of the game is to get all the letters that spell Irish.  I-R-I-S-H  The first person who can spell Irish, by “wishing” and choosing, wins the game.  Fun for kids of all ages.


  1. Each player is given a piece of paper and pencil.  For ease of play with young children, draw the letters I-R-I-S-H on their paper, spaced apart just a bit.  When a player gets a letter, they can then just circle that letter.
  2. Put Wishing Rocks into a container that is deep enough so players can’t see the rocks.  Or use a large sock.
  3. Starting with the youngest player first, player will first say his wish …for example, “I wish for an H”
  4. Player then pulls out a Wishing Rock.  If they got their wish then they can circle that letter.  The rock is then put back into the container.
  5. Play contines as each player takes their turn.
  6. If a player pulls out a Shamrock they can circle any letter that they still need.  If a player pulls out a blank rock, the player must skip his next turn.
  7. The first player to circle all the letters to spell Irish is the winner.


What You Need:

  • 12 smooth stones/rocks (or make 12 smooth rocks out of clay that you bake)  You can also use plastic disks or make Cardboard disks.
  • Green paint (optional)
  • Brush
  • Marker or stick on Letters

What to Do:

  • Gather the 12 items you have chosen for your Wishing Rocks.
  • Paint green, if so desired.
  • Using marker (or stick on letters), put 2 letters each for I – R – S – H (you will only have 3 i letters).
  • Leave 2 Rocks blank and draw a Shamrock on the other 2 remaining rocks.
  • Put Rocks into container or Sock to start the game.

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