pool noodle games

I have to admit that we keep a stock of pool noodles for spur of the moment inspirations.  These safe and easy foam racquets came from one of those “ah ha” moments. For this project we used pool noodles from the Dollar store, duct tape and mesh bags that lemons are packaged in. So, save those little mesh bags as we will be finding more uses as time goes by.

These racquets are perfect for summer game time or an outdoor party activity.

What You Need:

  • Foam Pool Noodles
  • Mesh veggie/fruit bag
  • Duct tape
  • Small serated knife
  • Lightweight rubber ball

What to Do:

  1. Cut away a 6 inch piece (half of the bottom on each end).  You want to be sure to cut “matching” mirror sides so that when you tape your handle together it will form a smooth cylindrical handle.  Also cut a slight angled piece upward from your original cut, so that the area above the handle “fits” together well.
  2. Tape the handle securely.
  3. Slide the racquet into the mesh bag and tape, tauntly, to the handle.

One of the nice things about these racquets is the safety aspect for young kids.

Rules for playing the simple racquet ball game:

Have players stand a distance apart, possibly doing a trial hit back and forth when beginning to play for the first time … to decide proper distance.  The object is to hit the ball back each time without missing your turn.  Each time a player misses returning the ball (no matter where it goes) the other player gets a point.  Normal play is to 20 points but this can be set for any point value.

To play as a team, an equal number of players should be on each side, facing the other team.  Be sure you have a large enough play area without obstacles in the way.  Same point system, but points accrue as a team.

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