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cake pops

Easy Flower Pound Cake Pops

We love adding special touches to every day tasks we do for our family.  These flower pound cake treats on a stick are fun, bite size and super fast to make and look really special. Read more…

bite size foods

5 Bite-sized Foods for Summer

Here are 5 easy and fun recipes to serve your kids or friends that are the perfect size for sharing.  Similar to tapas, these mini-bites are great foods for entertaining, parties or summer picnics. Mini Crabcakes These mini cakes can be made with crab or salmon.  Our family likes them equally and they make into […] Read more…

Macaroni& Cheese Muffin Cups Recipe - Kid Friendly

Macaroni & Cheese Muffins Recipe

Kids love easy foods, foods that they can pick up and fit in their hands.  And of course most kids love cheesy mac n cheese.  Well why not serve them macaroni & cheese in a muffin cup?  These delicious little ooey gooey, cheesy cups of pasta are too good not to grab and gobble up.  […] Read more…

taco party recipes

Taco Dinner Boats Recipe

This fun Taco “play with your food” meal is a real hit with the kids.  It’s the perfect meal when you and the kids are craving tacos but want something a little different.  It’s also a perfect interactive party food.  Kids get to paint their own taco boat, make the sail, and then fill it […] Read more…

Ice Cream Cake Direction Under $5

Make an Ice Cream Cake for Under $5

    I love ice cream cakes.   Actually, my whole family likes ice cream cakes.  But lets be honest, buying an ice cream cake can run $25-40 for a regular-sized cake.  They are not cheap.  I decided I will make them from now on and I have even made two ice cream cakes within the […] Read more…

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