Bunny eggs recipe

Bunny Eggs Recipe

Our own original Bunny eggs are a special treat for Easter brunch or just a fun snack. This is a simple recipe and the kids can help make their own bunny egg.  A fun Easter recipe.

Items needed:


  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Carrots for ears
  • Snap peas for nose
  • Cabbage for tail
  • Cheese for eyes


  • Hard boil eggs and let cool.
  • Remove shells.
  • If your bunnies will not be presented in an egg dish, then cut a very thin slice from the bottom of the egg (lengthwise) so egg will not roll around.
  • Cut thin carrot slices and shape into rabbit ears with a knife, making sure one end is very pointy.
  • Insert pointy ends into egg for ears.
  • Cut off tip of snap pea for nose.
  • Push the pointed end into the front end of the egg.
  • Make a small round tail from a white piece of cabbage, once again making a pointed end to push into the back of the egg.
  • For eyes, cut two small little circles, using a small straw as a cutter, from your slice of cheese.
  • Make sure the egg is not wet when you set the cheese eyes in place or they may slide out of place
  • Other veggies may be substituted for the nose and tail.

Kristin Fitch & Sharon Pierce McCullough





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