kids art project with tape and paint


This is a good example of how the contrast of white on dark can really have a lot of visual impact.
1. Tape a border around the edge of a square of watercolor paper with 1″ painter’s masking tape. Cut thick and thin strips for trees that touch the top and the bottom of the border. These strips should be  hand cut for a natural look. Branches may be added, along with a moon. All tape edges are smoothed down.
2. Water down dark blue watercolor paint and spread over the entire picture. To add texture, sprinkle salt on the paint while still wet. Let dry for several hours.
3. Rub the salt off the picture and carefully peel off the tape. To add little snowflakes, paint white dots with a small brush and acrylic paint. If any of the paint leaked into the trees, you can also use this paint to cover up those spots.
4. With very watery blue paint, add the little bark edges on the left and right of the trees and branches. Also add a shadow stripe on the same side of all the trees and branches.

From Kathy Barbro, art teacher … Art Projects for Kids

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